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Facial Smoothie Mask

Keep your Skin Healthy and Glowing with integrative Ingredients

for clear, smooth, youthful, and vibrant skin.


• 2 cups baby spinach (rich in A vitamins and essential fatty acids)

• 1 cup diced pineapple (contains bromelain, an enzyme that promotes gentle exfoliation)

• 1 kiwi (rich in vitamins C and E)

• 1 avocado (naturally moisturizing with healthy fats and rich with carotenoid antioxidants)

• Juice from half a lemon (vitamin C and citric acid)

• 1 cup spring or filtered water (hydrating and may contain minerals depending on the source)

• 1 tablespoon mineral-rich clay

(Bentonite, Rhassoul, French green, or white kaolin. Use one clay or a combination of clays but use kaolin if you have drier or more sensitive skin)


• Add all ingredients except clay into a high-speed blender.

Set aside 2 tablespoons of smoothie in a small prep bowl, and pour the rest into a glass or mason jar.

• Add clay to the prep bowl, little by little until you get an opaque, paste-like consistency.

• Apply it to the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area and lips.

• Leave it on for 15 minutes and drink the remaining smoothie while the mask sets.

• Remove gently with a soft cloth and warm water.

• Tone and apply moisturizer.

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