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Boost Your Immunity!

Boost your immune system with Elderberry Tea during this challenging time!

Elderberry, for hundreds of years, has been well known for its therapeutic and

medicinal purposes.

  1. Immunity Boost

  2. Antioxidant and Anti-carcinogenic

  3. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

  4. Improve Nerves Pain

  5. Weight Loss

  6. Helps with Sinus Inflammation

  7. Improve Vision

  8. Laxative Properties

  9. Strengthening Bones

  10. Improve Cognitive Function

Elderberry tea should not be mistaken for Elderberry Flower tea. As elderflower tea is obtained from brewing or steeping elderberry flowers that grow early, during blooming season, just before the berries appear.

Elderberry Tea is made by brewing or steeping dried elderberry fruits in hot water. You could add cinnamon or ginger for additional taste.

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